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  • Website protection, malware detection, automated security updates and daily backups
  • 99.9% uptime on all hosting plans
  • Scalable bandwidth and storage

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Features included with every hosting plan:

  E-Commerce solutions

  WordPress Hosting

   Daily Website Backups

   Create subdomains

   SSL certificate*

   Scalable storage and bandwidth

   Email support

Frequently Asked Questions

Shared web hosting is affordable domain hosting because you share a server with other companies who want a low-cost web hosting plan. Each company on a shared server has its own designated amount of storage space that is defined by a hosting package. Depending on the size of the server space, you could have hundreds of websites hosted on the same server that has allotted bandwidth, memory and power for each website.  Shared hosting is cost effective, efficient, convenient and customizable.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting plans are inexpensive and provides a smaller amount of bandwidth, memory and power for each shared website.  Shared hosting is typically used by smaller companies with low to moderate traffic.

Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated hosting server is entirely yours, and no one else can control it without your permission. For dedicated hosting, the server powers a single domain that gives you enhanced power, bandwidth, and memory.

Dedicated hosting is ideal for large companies that have a high volume of internet traffic or sales and require a large amount of disk space. Dedicated hosting gives you the best flexibility, customization, and security of all types of hosting but is also expensive.

SSL certificates are vital to protecting sensitive and personal information.  SSL certificates keep online transactions private through encryption and will give your customers confidence that they can buy your products.  In order for a customer  to buy products on your website via credit card, any website site must have an SSL Certificate, which means that they have been audited and comply with PCI regulations.  An SSL certificate will render any information sent from comptuer to computer incomprehensible to everyone but the receiver and sender.